Why Exercise Is Very Important For the Diabetic


Workout is very important for the diabetic because exercise helps to bring back typical glucose metabolic process by reducing body fat. The American Diabetes Association advises that anybody who has diabetes must have a medical examination to discover if there are any dangers for coronary artery disease and to make sure that blood sugar control is o.k. before starting any sort of workout program.

There are two kinds of workout that will assist to prevent or manage diabetes. A study released in the journal of BMC Endocrine Disorders revealed that high intensity period training (HIT) improved insulin level of sensitivity in 16 males in their early 20’s. The high intensity period training included 4-6 thirty second sprints on an exercise bike.

The men rested 4 minutes in between each period. An oral glucose test was provided prior to and after the workout and it showed that the blood sugar level and blood insulin levels of the men were reduced by 12%, 37% and 26%.

High Intensity period training lowers blood sugar and blood insulin levels because during the intervals, the body enters into anaerobic mode and uses glycogen (which transforms to glucose). Glycogen is saved in the muscles and during high intensity period training muscle fibers need to replenish carbohydrate shops, consuming the glycogen.

Another type of workout that assists to prevent diabetes is weight lifting. Weight lifting assists to lower blood glucose by using it from the blood and muscle throughout exercise. When raising weights, the primary fuel used is glucose that is kept as muscle glucose. Structure extra muscle likewise permits a bigger storage location for muscle glucose.

Weight lifting basically enhances the body’s capability to process glucose, which is essential in handling type 2 diabetes. Diabetes can be serious if it is not managed properly. Workout can be an important part of that management, under a medical professional’s guidance. The advantages of exercise are worth the financial investment.