Real Estate Laws – Home Energy Efficiency Laws Bumping Up Against Property Rights


Numerous federal lawmakers never stop long enough to check out the bills they are signing. This leads to unintended consequences. Consider circumstances the new house energy efficiency rules that were tucked inside the alternative energy costs bill.

There is a stipulation because bill that avoids property owners from selling their home if they don’t have proper weather stripping and if their houses are not energy compliant. If the property owner can not manage to upgrade, then they are not permitted to offer their house to the new purchaser or the brand-new purchaser is not enabled to buy the home until things have actually been upgraded.

This certainly implies there will be less house sales at a time when the property market is in the trash can, and it could result in more foreclosures. It’s laws like this that do not assist anyone and while we might be assisting ourselves to much better performance in our energy use, we are breaking the personal effects rights of the owners and getting in the way of the right of totally free contract which is guaranteed in the Constitution.

All too often the government obstructs of private arrangements and contracts in the free market, and each time they do their unintentional consequences hurt the rights of citizens. Even more, numerous houses were developed, which are very old and can never be completely energy compliant and for that reason they will either need to be taken down or they can not be sold.

What if the house is part of a probate case and the property should be sold. What if the government winds up with a house due to property taxes not being paid. There are all sorts of ramifications of these laws and it just adds another layer of paperwork, and will cause even more lawsuits in the future. Real estate laws are already complicated enough and personal property rights are something that we secure in the United States